Product Range

Hunyani Flexible Products manufacture paper sacks and bags for a diverse market covering various sectors.  Our sacks and bags are supplied to companies packing flour, sugar, maize meal, bulk tea, consumer tea, cement, lime, base minerals, tile adhesive, milk powder, potatoes, apples and fast food.  In the agricultural sector, one of our successful products is the Hunyani tobacco wrap supplied to the tobacco growing and distribution industry.  Pollination bags for maize, sorghum and millet production is another product supplied to the agricultural sector.

Bag Types

A wide range of printed & plain bag types and features is supplied to the paper packaging market including multi wall paper sacks, open mouth bags, self opening (SO bags), Flat & Satchel bags, pasted valve or sewn bags.  Our packaging is manufactured using a wide range of virgin, semi-extensible unbleached and bleached Kraft papers of various grammages.  Paper is sourced from South Africa, Europe and America.  The current consumption is 2 500 T per year made up of bleached and unbleached sack Kraft.

Machinery /Equipment

The company operates SO bag machines, two tuber machines, a bottomer machine, two reel to reel printers, Flat & Satchel machines and slitter/rewinders.  There is focus within the Hunyani Group to upgrade both technology and capacity, through the Groups Corporate Capital Plan 2011 – 2015, putting Hunyani in the forefront of technology & capacity in the paper bag & sack markets, is of utmost importance to the company.

Recently, in August 2011, the Division installed a new Triumph 2B machine for SO bag manufacture, to update and expand both technology and capacity.

Customer Service

Hunyani Flexible Products is a regional player in terms of the markets it operates in.  The Division markets its products in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.  Our focus is on customer service, guaranteed quality & performance of our products and competitive pricing.

Hunyani Flexible Products is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company.

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Hunyani Flexible Products manufacture paper sacks and bags for a diverse market covering various sectors.